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Live Loved Tour - Citizens & Saints and Kings Kaleidoscope

I received a last minute photo pass for Live Loved Tour, which included three of my favorite worship bands, in Sacramento, CA and I was ecstatic. It took place on a Friday night in a small venue in Northern California that regularly hosted punk concerts (naturally, I was stoked on the location the second we walked in). My friends full expected me to split from the group when the music started, but because of the size of the venue, I was able to easily find them & hang out with them a bit throughout the night. Ghost Ship, Citizens & Saints, and Kings Kaleidoscope put on one of the best shows I’ve ever attended, and it wasn’t about them whatsoever.

We had a two hour drive home, which led to thinking of these 3 main pull-aways from the night:

  1. Music is powerful and it brings me great joy to photograph gigs like these. On a typical concert night, I’m focused on what I’m there to do. Music starts and I go into full work-mode - three songs, get what you need from up close, get the rest in the crowd while they finish the set. This night was incredibly different. I was so wrapped up in the music being played that every now and then I would pull my camera away from my face to appreciate where I was. I found myself deep in worship, camera in hand, in the photo pit. Dang.

  2. My friends are amazing. First, they are all so excited for me to have opportunities like this one. They celebrate with me and are always excited to see what work I produce. Second, each of us fully expected God to show up that night, however, we didn’t know how evident he would be. There were times when I would open my eyes and while many people were focused on how talented each of the bands were, my friends were consumed by the Creator of the Universe. What a blessing it is to have Gospel-centered friends like these.

  3. This one is short because I have no real words to describe how amazed I am at what God's up to in my life. I don’t know how I receive opportunities like these, but I am so grateful I do.

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